Monday, November 21, 2011

Rant on inmates...

 I don't understand why inmates in prisons have so many luxuries. Why are we treating them better than our own soldiers, those who are fighting for our country?? Inmates get free television, free internet, free food, free lodging, and free air-con. And who is paying for all of this? Us, the tax payers. We are paying for the people who have taken the rights of others away, people who have done harm to others and are no supposed to be paying the price.

 I say this, why don't we take all of the prisoners, take them to the hottest desert in America (since we have room issues, the vast desert space would solve that), give them tents, and basic supplies. Have multiple military trainers be in charge of discipline and order. Have the criminals actually work for their comforts instead of us just handing it to them. Have them cook their on food, wash their own clothes, and work for their own lodging. 
 Criminals took the freedoms away from others, so they loose theirs. 

End rant...

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