Monday, November 21, 2011

Bored in class...

At this moment I am in school. It is fifth period, and I am extremely bored. I don't have any work to do, as I am the teacher assistant; so since I have nothing to occupy my time with, I'll write a story.


  Never one for conflict, young Jonathan tended to keep his head down in crowds. He felt so awkward around kids his age. While the others were giggling in small groups, he was sitting in the corner, petting the family cat. Jonathan had been forced by his mother to go to this party; of course, he knew that she just wanted the best for him. She had known that he didn’t have many friends, well actually, none at all.
And as awkward as he felt, he did find himself enjoying the spectacle before him; seventh graders laughing at lewd jokes that the younger kids didn’t understand yet. Young girls trying to show off what they obviously didn’t have. And even a few kids like himself; alone, in corners, trying to be invisible. The sleek, black cat on his lap purred at his touch, and had its keen eyes glued to his face.
    Looking at the name tag, he found that the cat’s name was Isis. Smiling to himself, he told Isis, “Nice name you got there.” His smile quickly vanished when a voice in his head replied.
“Thanks, it is pretty amazing.” Eye widening, he looked around to see if anyone was near him. Jonathan had sworn that he just heard a teenage girl’s voice. Someone much older than the middle school crowd he was with. Noticing that the purring had stopped, he looked down at Isis. Her intense, golden eyes stared into his light brown ones.
   “Was that you?” He whispered, so as not to seem crazy. With an amused tilt of her head, he could swear that she had smiled.
   “Well, it definitely wasn’t a mouse.” The boy jumped up from his seat, dropping the cat. With a hiss, she said, “Now then, don’t be rude!” He backed into the corner, until he noticed people were starting to stare at him.  They whispered to each other.
     “What a freak,”
    “What’s wrong with the short kid?”
    “Must be afraid of kitty cats,” He heard chuckles, and malicious snickers. This is why he didn’t like crowds; everyone would eventually end up hating, teasing, and ridiculing him. Feeling his face heat up with angry tears, he stormed out of the room to the front yard. The cold air bit at his ears, and chilled his heated, tear streaked face. His mother had always told him that he got too emotional over little things.
“Are you okay?” He heard the voice again. Turning, he saw Isis sitting on the porch, head tilted to the side, tail swishing. His mouth fell open; he had to be crazy. As he was about to turn and run, he heard a sharp, “Wait!” That stopped him in his tracks. He could hear the little jingle from the bell on her collar. “You can hear me, I know you can. I just need to tell you something.” The voice was so earnest, and so sincere that he looked down at the little cat.
“What is it?” He said in apprehension. Sitting on her hind quarters, she closed her eyes, and began to glow. Stumbling backwards at the bright light, he gasped in alarm. Waves of rainbow light emitted off of her black fur. It was like a spider web like nebula was covering her small frame until she was completely encased in a cocoon of stars.
The cocoon started to morph, forming a larger, more human shape. Jonathan couldn’t look away; the sight was both terrifying and beautiful. The starlit form shook its head, and like cobwebs, the layer of stars fell off into waves of rainbow mist. In its place was a girl about seventeen or eighteen. Her hair was a deep, universe black, and her skin had a golden glow. She looked exotic, and beautiful. Jonathan blushed at the sight of her; having to look up at her, since his eleven year old body was so short.
A pair of velvet soft, black ears were perched on her head, and twitched towards hidden creatures. As her eyes opened, he gasped. They were golden, bright, and had an array of stars and wisdom. But they were so familiar.
“Isis?” The girl looked down on him, and he could feel the heat of her stare through his clothing. She smiled at him, showing off some wickedly sharp teeth. Those made him hesitate a bit. But her smile quickly faded.
“Come with me,” She said sprinting off. He was so distracted by her face, that he hadn’t noticed that she was nude. He quickly looked away, face aflame. Taking off the large sweater he had been wearing, he held it out. Stopping to look at him, she didn’t seem bothered by her nakedness. Though realizing that perhaps he was a bit young, she thanked him and slipped it on. It didn’t help very much.
She sprinted off again. Gulping down his fear, confusion, and apprehensions, he chased after her, unknowing to the adventure that lies before him.

I might write more, so stay in tuned my nonexistent followers!

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