Monday, November 28, 2011

Bored class story again...

I decided to name this story, Flying with Dragons. You'll see why when I type out this next draft....

The road they were running on was almost pitched black, however Isis seemed to know exactly where she was going. Jonathan struggled to keep up with the beautiful cat girl. He thought that he could stay with her, until she started jumping the stone fences near the end of his town. Immediately impacting with the first wall, he lost his breath.
“Why am I following her,” he asked himself. Breathing hard, he slid his back down the cold, bumpy stone. The cold autumn air filled his lungs, and chapped his face. Running a shaky hand through his windblown curls, the young boy closed his eyes to rest. A jingling of bells interrupted his calm meditation. Perched on the wall above him was Isis, golden eyes aglow.
“What do you think you are doing?” She asked, not exactly annoyed, but you could never tell with cats. Jonathan had to stifle a manic giggle; he was finding this both hilarious and unbelievable. When his eyes drifted close again, he heard something land in front of him. Then a pair of small, but strong hands grasps his waist.
  Jonathan was hefted into the air, and thrown over Isis’s shoulder.
“Hey,” he yelled, “put me down!”  The older girl just laughed at him. He stifled a scream as she vaulted over walls with the simplest of ease. Eventually the town’s houses had smoothed into farm land, and the farm land burst into forest. He knew these woods, him and his older brother would dare each other to go in alone. It was a dark, mysterious forest, thick with tress, and full of dangerous creatures. Not even the adults would venture in. But Isis strode towards the forest as if it were a pub on Friday night.
“No, it’s dangerous in there!” He struggled to get off of her. With an elegant roll of her shoulders, he tumbled onto the ground with a thump. Casting a vicious glare towards the golden girl, his anger soon turned to worry at the sight of her face. Her eyes were laced with sadness, and her face was strained with yearning. Her intense gaze was fixed onto some unseen force in the seemingly empty woods. “What’s wrong?” He asked quietly, watching her.
“I lost my lover in these woods.” He was shocked by the callous tone of her voice. It must have horrible. “But that was many years ago, in my first life.”  Walking away, she left him with a sense of mystery and foreboding. Standing, young Jonathan followed her, not wanting to be left alone. He had never entered the forest, even when his brother had dared him. He would just hide behind the large bolder near the edge. 

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