Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog block, and the Dreaded Report Card of Doom.

 Well, as you all may know I'm fairly new at this whole blog thing. First off, let me say that I have tried multiple times to actually maintain a blog, but I've failed to have the patience or time to actually follow through. With this blog however, I plan on making time, because I feel that talking about my day with someone other than my teddy bear would be healthy.

 Ah well, today I have a problem, a big problem. The report card came in.... I'm doing very well in the majority of my classes, I cannot say the same for my math class though. If you knew me personally, you'd know that I can't do an equation, or even simple math to save my life. I'm mildly dyslexic, and I have been struggling with math since I started school all those years ago. I'm almost positive that I never had a passing test score ever, and my homework was always turned in late if turned in at all.

You'd think my family would be use to the constant failure of my math skills, and praise me in my straight A's in all of my other classes. But oh no, they are not ever swayed by the praising comments my teachers so lovingly placed alongside my stunning grades. Nor do they appreciate my high GPA, or the fact that I spend time to do school activities. No, that one failing grade in math means to them, and I'm quoting them, that I will be "A homeless crack whore, starving on the streets. Selling my body because I don't know how to solve 2+2."

  I assure you that that is highly exaggerated, I am positive that a crack whore knows what two plus two is. I know that math is a very important class, that is why I go to tutoring every other day, but I'm just one of those people, that no matter how much practice I get, I will never get it. I'm sure I can boost up to a D, but I'm also sure that it will take forever to reach that simple goal. I suppose that my life long dream of being a math teacher will never be fulfilled! *tear* Obvious sarcasm...

  Well, thank you for reading my rants, I may blog again in a few minutes, or a few days... Though I will try to make it a daily thing.

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