Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Alright, if you're not here to read a rant, I suggest you scroll down...

Today was a relatively nice day; the weather was cool, I felt awake, everything went fine. However, after school was a WHOLE different story. My fiance and I were walking to the bus stop as usual, and as usual the bus drove up. Today though, people decided to be complete, and utter MORONS!!! All pushing to the front like a bunch of wild animals, no, not even wild animals are that stupid! They pushed smaller people out of the way, and I'm not racist, this is just a fricking fact. Every person that pushes is either Hawaiian, or Samoan.

I don't understand why they're being their stereotypes. OMG!!! Okay, at least they have the common decency to move all the way back and sit in the chairs. It's the other idiots, the stupid, "I  think I'm so bad," guys, that are the problem. The won't budge for anyone, you could throw hot water on them and they won't move/ And because of those ignoramuses, about 20 people missed the bus to go home. We had to wait an hour, 60 whole minutes for the next bus... And you know what pissed me off the most. When the first bus drove away, the whole back section was empty!!!! EMPTY!!! I have never thrown such an anger fit in my life...

I had responsibilities to take care of that I missed because of a few idiots... Ugh..

Okay, end rant -_- if you're Hawaiian or Samoan, or one of the type of people in my rant, PLEASE for the love of the skies, STOP BEING IDIOTS!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Today I felt pretty for the first time in a while.

Bored class story again...

I decided to name this story, Flying with Dragons. You'll see why when I type out this next draft....

The road they were running on was almost pitched black, however Isis seemed to know exactly where she was going. Jonathan struggled to keep up with the beautiful cat girl. He thought that he could stay with her, until she started jumping the stone fences near the end of his town. Immediately impacting with the first wall, he lost his breath.
“Why am I following her,” he asked himself. Breathing hard, he slid his back down the cold, bumpy stone. The cold autumn air filled his lungs, and chapped his face. Running a shaky hand through his windblown curls, the young boy closed his eyes to rest. A jingling of bells interrupted his calm meditation. Perched on the wall above him was Isis, golden eyes aglow.
“What do you think you are doing?” She asked, not exactly annoyed, but you could never tell with cats. Jonathan had to stifle a manic giggle; he was finding this both hilarious and unbelievable. When his eyes drifted close again, he heard something land in front of him. Then a pair of small, but strong hands grasps his waist.
  Jonathan was hefted into the air, and thrown over Isis’s shoulder.
“Hey,” he yelled, “put me down!”  The older girl just laughed at him. He stifled a scream as she vaulted over walls with the simplest of ease. Eventually the town’s houses had smoothed into farm land, and the farm land burst into forest. He knew these woods, him and his older brother would dare each other to go in alone. It was a dark, mysterious forest, thick with tress, and full of dangerous creatures. Not even the adults would venture in. But Isis strode towards the forest as if it were a pub on Friday night.
“No, it’s dangerous in there!” He struggled to get off of her. With an elegant roll of her shoulders, he tumbled onto the ground with a thump. Casting a vicious glare towards the golden girl, his anger soon turned to worry at the sight of her face. Her eyes were laced with sadness, and her face was strained with yearning. Her intense gaze was fixed onto some unseen force in the seemingly empty woods. “What’s wrong?” He asked quietly, watching her.
“I lost my lover in these woods.” He was shocked by the callous tone of her voice. It must have horrible. “But that was many years ago, in my first life.”  Walking away, she left him with a sense of mystery and foreboding. Standing, young Jonathan followed her, not wanting to be left alone. He had never entered the forest, even when his brother had dared him. He would just hide behind the large bolder near the edge. 


Well as I had stated in my bio column, I am Wiccan. I have been since I was a child, and I'm sure that when I have my own, my children will follow this path. I have come across many that have been insulting and many that try to convert me, but even though it may seem like most mean to be hateful, usually they're just curious.

My sociology teacher for example. One of my closer friends let the fact that I am a Witch slip, and he immediately jumped onto the topic. At first I thought that he was mocking me, but in all actuality, he was genuinely curious. I'm not ashamed of my religion, I just don't like to but personal things like that out there. Though seeing how he was so curious and accepting of it, made me have a new found confidence in myself.

I'm not going to be wearing a flashy pentacle and start shouting out chants at random, but I am going to be more confident.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Rant on inmates...

 I don't understand why inmates in prisons have so many luxuries. Why are we treating them better than our own soldiers, those who are fighting for our country?? Inmates get free television, free internet, free food, free lodging, and free air-con. And who is paying for all of this? Us, the tax payers. We are paying for the people who have taken the rights of others away, people who have done harm to others and are no supposed to be paying the price.

 I say this, why don't we take all of the prisoners, take them to the hottest desert in America (since we have room issues, the vast desert space would solve that), give them tents, and basic supplies. Have multiple military trainers be in charge of discipline and order. Have the criminals actually work for their comforts instead of us just handing it to them. Have them cook their on food, wash their own clothes, and work for their own lodging. 
 Criminals took the freedoms away from others, so they loose theirs. 

End rant...

Bored in class...

At this moment I am in school. It is fifth period, and I am extremely bored. I don't have any work to do, as I am the teacher assistant; so since I have nothing to occupy my time with, I'll write a story.


  Never one for conflict, young Jonathan tended to keep his head down in crowds. He felt so awkward around kids his age. While the others were giggling in small groups, he was sitting in the corner, petting the family cat. Jonathan had been forced by his mother to go to this party; of course, he knew that she just wanted the best for him. She had known that he didn’t have many friends, well actually, none at all.
And as awkward as he felt, he did find himself enjoying the spectacle before him; seventh graders laughing at lewd jokes that the younger kids didn’t understand yet. Young girls trying to show off what they obviously didn’t have. And even a few kids like himself; alone, in corners, trying to be invisible. The sleek, black cat on his lap purred at his touch, and had its keen eyes glued to his face.
    Looking at the name tag, he found that the cat’s name was Isis. Smiling to himself, he told Isis, “Nice name you got there.” His smile quickly vanished when a voice in his head replied.
“Thanks, it is pretty amazing.” Eye widening, he looked around to see if anyone was near him. Jonathan had sworn that he just heard a teenage girl’s voice. Someone much older than the middle school crowd he was with. Noticing that the purring had stopped, he looked down at Isis. Her intense, golden eyes stared into his light brown ones.
   “Was that you?” He whispered, so as not to seem crazy. With an amused tilt of her head, he could swear that she had smiled.
   “Well, it definitely wasn’t a mouse.” The boy jumped up from his seat, dropping the cat. With a hiss, she said, “Now then, don’t be rude!” He backed into the corner, until he noticed people were starting to stare at him.  They whispered to each other.
     “What a freak,”
    “What’s wrong with the short kid?”
    “Must be afraid of kitty cats,” He heard chuckles, and malicious snickers. This is why he didn’t like crowds; everyone would eventually end up hating, teasing, and ridiculing him. Feeling his face heat up with angry tears, he stormed out of the room to the front yard. The cold air bit at his ears, and chilled his heated, tear streaked face. His mother had always told him that he got too emotional over little things.
“Are you okay?” He heard the voice again. Turning, he saw Isis sitting on the porch, head tilted to the side, tail swishing. His mouth fell open; he had to be crazy. As he was about to turn and run, he heard a sharp, “Wait!” That stopped him in his tracks. He could hear the little jingle from the bell on her collar. “You can hear me, I know you can. I just need to tell you something.” The voice was so earnest, and so sincere that he looked down at the little cat.
“What is it?” He said in apprehension. Sitting on her hind quarters, she closed her eyes, and began to glow. Stumbling backwards at the bright light, he gasped in alarm. Waves of rainbow light emitted off of her black fur. It was like a spider web like nebula was covering her small frame until she was completely encased in a cocoon of stars.
The cocoon started to morph, forming a larger, more human shape. Jonathan couldn’t look away; the sight was both terrifying and beautiful. The starlit form shook its head, and like cobwebs, the layer of stars fell off into waves of rainbow mist. In its place was a girl about seventeen or eighteen. Her hair was a deep, universe black, and her skin had a golden glow. She looked exotic, and beautiful. Jonathan blushed at the sight of her; having to look up at her, since his eleven year old body was so short.
A pair of velvet soft, black ears were perched on her head, and twitched towards hidden creatures. As her eyes opened, he gasped. They were golden, bright, and had an array of stars and wisdom. But they were so familiar.
“Isis?” The girl looked down on him, and he could feel the heat of her stare through his clothing. She smiled at him, showing off some wickedly sharp teeth. Those made him hesitate a bit. But her smile quickly faded.
“Come with me,” She said sprinting off. He was so distracted by her face, that he hadn’t noticed that she was nude. He quickly looked away, face aflame. Taking off the large sweater he had been wearing, he held it out. Stopping to look at him, she didn’t seem bothered by her nakedness. Though realizing that perhaps he was a bit young, she thanked him and slipped it on. It didn’t help very much.
She sprinted off again. Gulping down his fear, confusion, and apprehensions, he chased after her, unknowing to the adventure that lies before him.

I might write more, so stay in tuned my nonexistent followers!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Artemis Sleep Prayer

Oh sweet Artemis, Goddess of the moon and hunt;
May your purity and wisdom shine down on my eyes through the beams of the moon.
Let my worries wash away like the changing of the tides,
 And may the pains of my days fade away like the stars at dawn.
Allow me to be free of burden, and sleep a night full of silent dreams.
Oh sweet Goddess, I watch as you fly across the stars with bow in hand.
Allow me to fly with you through my prayers.

This is me :/


I want a cat...

For my whole life I've wanted a cute, little, fuzzy black cat. As you could probably tell from my screen name I adore cats with all my heart, and I will admit to being a crazy cat woman. Unfortunately, I don't have the type of family that gives you something for free. :) And though I offered to pay for the cat, they still said no. So now I'm just waiting to move out and I will finally be united with my fuzzy, ball of joy!

Blog block, and the Dreaded Report Card of Doom.

 Well, as you all may know I'm fairly new at this whole blog thing. First off, let me say that I have tried multiple times to actually maintain a blog, but I've failed to have the patience or time to actually follow through. With this blog however, I plan on making time, because I feel that talking about my day with someone other than my teddy bear would be healthy.

 Ah well, today I have a problem, a big problem. The report card came in.... I'm doing very well in the majority of my classes, I cannot say the same for my math class though. If you knew me personally, you'd know that I can't do an equation, or even simple math to save my life. I'm mildly dyslexic, and I have been struggling with math since I started school all those years ago. I'm almost positive that I never had a passing test score ever, and my homework was always turned in late if turned in at all.

You'd think my family would be use to the constant failure of my math skills, and praise me in my straight A's in all of my other classes. But oh no, they are not ever swayed by the praising comments my teachers so lovingly placed alongside my stunning grades. Nor do they appreciate my high GPA, or the fact that I spend time to do school activities. No, that one failing grade in math means to them, and I'm quoting them, that I will be "A homeless crack whore, starving on the streets. Selling my body because I don't know how to solve 2+2."

  I assure you that that is highly exaggerated, I am positive that a crack whore knows what two plus two is. I know that math is a very important class, that is why I go to tutoring every other day, but I'm just one of those people, that no matter how much practice I get, I will never get it. I'm sure I can boost up to a D, but I'm also sure that it will take forever to reach that simple goal. I suppose that my life long dream of being a math teacher will never be fulfilled! *tear* Obvious sarcasm...

  Well, thank you for reading my rants, I may blog again in a few minutes, or a few days... Though I will try to make it a daily thing.