Thursday, December 22, 2011

I wish I had a machine....

that would transport me into any movie I wanted. I thought this many times, but even more so when I finished watching the Narnia trilogy. Hm, I would also like to be transported into any book I'd like... Have my own adventures next to the main characters... it would be most epic.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Short story...

She thought it was a dream, this constant dance of awareness; her heart beat fast, her breathing slow, every pore on her body was open. She never felt such surreal alertness, so it had to be a dream. It had to be a dream, she kept thinking to herself, as she stood there nude in the darkened forest; snow, cold, and wind nipping at her skin. She couldn't move, couldn't speak, she could barely even think yet her body was so awake. Something was wrong, but she knew it was right. And as her golden eyes looked toward the ground at her feet, she knew this wasn't a dream.
There he was, dead, bloody, beautiful, her one and only love mauled, and shredded by her own teeth. As reality clicked with her, her mind began to sharped, and her body began to dull. She was becoming human again, she was waking from her lucid state. Tears filled her now brown eyes, her throat closed as she tried to scream. Not even looking up to see the figures crowding around her. Not even caring when the tall man with the long, black hair approached her.
"Juliet," he whispered to her in a deep voice, "it is time." And with a flick of his cloak, they vanished into the dark forest. Leaving nothing, not a broken twig, nor a footstep. She was one of them now; a creature of the dark.

Yay!! New makeup for the New Year!

Yesterday my other grandmother, Judee, gave me a whole bag of brand new makeup! Not the usual cheap stuff I buy at Walmart, but actual expensive, quality makeup! Sephora, MAC etc. I'm so happy.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Never one to cry...

Though I do now,

The pain is great,

Breaking down.

Full of hate,

Full of lies,

Full of shit,

Close my eyes

To this awful pit.


Well, as you may already know, I have no social life outside of my home. So to replace normal friends, I go onto I love it there... I go to Wildin Out Chat, so you may be able to find me, since I'm usually there everyday.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Alright, if you're not here to read a rant, I suggest you scroll down...

Today was a relatively nice day; the weather was cool, I felt awake, everything went fine. However, after school was a WHOLE different story. My fiance and I were walking to the bus stop as usual, and as usual the bus drove up. Today though, people decided to be complete, and utter MORONS!!! All pushing to the front like a bunch of wild animals, no, not even wild animals are that stupid! They pushed smaller people out of the way, and I'm not racist, this is just a fricking fact. Every person that pushes is either Hawaiian, or Samoan.

I don't understand why they're being their stereotypes. OMG!!! Okay, at least they have the common decency to move all the way back and sit in the chairs. It's the other idiots, the stupid, "I  think I'm so bad," guys, that are the problem. The won't budge for anyone, you could throw hot water on them and they won't move/ And because of those ignoramuses, about 20 people missed the bus to go home. We had to wait an hour, 60 whole minutes for the next bus... And you know what pissed me off the most. When the first bus drove away, the whole back section was empty!!!! EMPTY!!! I have never thrown such an anger fit in my life...

I had responsibilities to take care of that I missed because of a few idiots... Ugh..

Okay, end rant -_- if you're Hawaiian or Samoan, or one of the type of people in my rant, PLEASE for the love of the skies, STOP BEING IDIOTS!!!